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Healthy Chicken Salad

Chicken salad has always been one of my favorites, and I used to slather on the mayonnaise to get it to taste just right. Nowadays I have found a better alternative to mayonnaise, and I’ll share

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Vitamin D Foods – Add These To Your Diet

Vitamin D is an essential part of our diet and one that many of us are lacking in. Though there hasn’t yet been enough studies to fully support the many wonderful properties of vitamin D, top scientists

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Simple Salmon Burgers

Salmon Burger Dinner doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming. It should be filled with healthy ingredients and be easy to prepare. Take a look at the recipes below for some inspiration. I’m

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What Causes Inflammation

Inflammation Explained Inflammation is both a friend and an enemy at the same time. It’s your body’s way of protecting itself, and it usually appears when there’s been some sort of injury or infection. Inflammation

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Why Diets Suck

Don’t Ever Diet Again I hate diets. And I can say that because I’ve tried plenty. And failed each and every time. I know plenty of people have success with dieting, but for every person that finds

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