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Meditation For Beginners

  Meditation For Beginners Meditation has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. Originally, meditation was used to gain a deeper understanding of events and prophecies, and

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Raw Vegetable Wrap

  Lunch can be an afterthought for many people. If you’re at work it’s easy to grab something from the cafeteria without much thought, and eat at your desk while you catch up on emails or do some

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Kicked Up Eggs

Jazz Up Your Eggs – As you know, the medical community goes back and forth on the subject of eggs, and I don’t believe any single food has caused more controversy and discussion. Right now they’re

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How To Read Nutrition Labels

How To Read Nutrition Labels All right, I realize that just the title is enough to turn you off here, but bear with me because I promise this will get more exciting as we go along. And if we find that’s

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What Does Sugar Do To Your Body

What Does Sugar Do To Your Body? Americans have become obsessed with sugar. It seems that during the last 30 or so years we have edged upward in our sugar consumption.  Right now the average for an adult

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