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pathway to optimum health

Hello, and welcome aboard!

You landed here because you have an interest in maintaining or improving your overall health, and I salute you for taking action. After all, is there anything more important than the optimum wellbeing of you and the ones you love?

I’ve been researching and writing on the subject of health and nutrition for a number of years. I’ve published Kindle books and maintained many blogs and websites. My interest in improving my health and wellbeing started as a hobby, but it’s grown way beyond that.

Now it’s a way of life, and by sharing what I’ve learned along the path to wellness I hope to stay true to my motto:




Let’s take them one by one, shall we?

Enlighten? I’ll go deep into subjects that interest me, such as sugar detox, reducing inflammation, meditation, and a number of other areas that can help me and you achieve optimum health. I’ll dig for answers and break everything down, then sum it all up in a tidy package so we can all understand and put things into practice.

I’ll also research subjects and find answers to any questions you may have if I haven’t already acquired the knowledge. We can learn together and learn from each other.

Inspire? Well I hate to trot out a cliché this early in the relationship, but I have to say that if I can do it, well, that should be inspiration enough for anyone.


And I believe we can all inspire each other as well. The key to that will be getting involved, so please take a moment and leave a comment when something causes you to stop and think, or when you see something you disagree with. The world of health and nutrition is filled with controversial subjects and differing opinions, and spirited, constructive discussions will lead us all closer to what we ultimately seek.

Entertain? I do own a banjo, so you may want to turn down the volume. And there will be attempts at humor, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. There will be a healthy dose of irreverence as well as the occasional, and maybe not so occasional, use of profanity. But not gratuitously, mind you. Only in the name of making a frigging point…

Why shouldn’t this journey be fun, right? Let’s enjoy the process of creating the healthiest you and me that we can. Inner spirit, outer body, and healthy mind.

Thank you for stopping by. Take off your shoes and stay awhile.

Leave a comment, take a recipe, and start on the path to Holistic Health!


About the Author Ted

Ted is a writer and avid researcher on the subject of nutrition and general wellness. He has recently published books on Sugar Detox as well as the inflammation epidemic, and continues to improve his knowledge by constantly remaining up to date with the latest news and trends in the nutrition world. When not busy writing, you can find him playing banjo and guitar, or outside fishing.

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