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Best Meditation Chairs

  You may not believe this, but a slippery kitchen floor is what started my search for the best meditation chairs. Sounds weird, I know, but I can explain. It all started with the garbage disposal

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Meditation And Anxiety

The practice of meditation has numerous health benefits, but one that’s not often talked about is the link between mediation and anxiety relief.Many people begin a meditation routine with the idea

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Relieve Stress With Meditation

Life is hectic and full of stress these days, and stress can really do a number on your health.I’ve found that I can relieve stress with meditation, and I’d like to share my method of getting started

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Why Beginners Give Up On Meditation

Do you have meditation hesitation?I can remember way back to the first time I attempted to meditate. I felt foolish at first, and failed miserably for the first few attempts.Ok, you caught me. The

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Meditation For Beginners

  Meditation For Beginners Meditation has been used for thousands of years by people all over the world. Originally, meditation was used to gain a deeper understanding of events and prophecies, and

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