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Positive Thinking For Optimum Health

When it comes to attitude and the power of positivity, there are basically two paths you can take in life.

And which one you choose has a lot to do with health, wealth, and happiness.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I know the trip through life can sometimes take you down a rough and rocky road, one that’s filled with obstacles, strife, and disappointments. This is true for everyone, no one is exempted.

It’s how you approach these rough patches that make you who you are and ultimately shape your life and the lives of those around you.

Negativity And Health

Have you ever been around someone who is constantly seeing the dark side of every situation?

Seriously, it’s like all doom and gloom 24/7, no matter what the circumstances.

Or is that, perhaps, you?

I hope not, because those kinds of people are a real drag to be around.

And there are some serious health consequences associated with a Negative Nellie attitude.

Just check out the list below

How Negativity Impacts Your Health

· Negativity Drags You Down – Some people have a real thirst for negativity. No matter what the situation, they can find the negative side. Constantly dealing with these types of can be exhausting both emotionally and physically.

· Negativity Can Cause Stress – Too much negative thinking, or begin around those that are constantly seeing only the bad side of situations, can lead to tremendous stress. And stress is a leading cause of all kinds of modern diseases, from ulcers to hypertension and heart disease. A little stress is normal for just about everyone, but eliminating as much as possible is a wise idea.

· Negativity Weakens You – It weakens you both mentally and physically. Because we already know that negativity can cause excess stress, it follows that it can also weaken your immune system. This has been proven in numerous studieshere’s an example.

· Negativity Causes Depression – Without a doubt, constantly seeing the negative side of things will eventually lead to depression, and that can lead to a whole host of other health issues, such as obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety attacks, and poor sleep.

· Negativity Can Hold You Back – No one wants to listen to the office whiner. These people never see the good side of any situation and are a real bummer to be around. They drag projects down and poison other people with their negative attitudes. They usually don’t last very long in any one company. And regarding relationships, negativity will kill any momentum and possibilities of long term commitments.

Negative people are just no fun to be around.

Positive Thinking And Good Health

Experts have long-believed that the power of positive thinking extends way beyond feeling like you’re having a good day.

There are also many health benefits associated with positivity, and studies like this and this are scientifically proving the theories to be true.

Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking

· Lowering Your Cholesterol – It sounds unbelievable, I know, but a positive attitude has actually been correlated with lower cholesterol numbers in one study.

· Longer Life Span – Having a positive outlook on life can definitely increase your longevity. Just how much is hard to measure, but several reports, including this Dutch study have indicated that positivity goes a long way towards improving your overall health and thus your lifespan.

· Decreased Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease – Positive people have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, as proven by this study. Whether it’s the fact positive people lead a healthier lifestyle in general or just the positivity itself, the bottom line is that facts like this are hard to ignore, even for the most negative and cynical people.

· Boost Your Immunity – Research has shown that negative emotions and cynical thinking can actually weaken your immune system. On the other hand, a positive attitude, especially when dealing with a sickness or medical condition, has been shown to speed recovery times and enhance patient’s lives.

· Deal With Stress More Effectively – Positive thinkers are more well-equipped to deal with stressful situations because they analyze all aspects of a problem instead of just accepting another one of life’s hard knocks as “normal”. Optimists will see a missed job opportunity or a missed train as a way to learn and grow rather than just adopt a defeatist attitude.

Positivity vs Optimism

Many people confuse optimism and positivity, and they are not the same thing at all.

Let’s take a look.

Optimism is a trait of positive people, and a sign of positivity, but it’s not really a type of person, in my opinion.

I know plenty of optimistic people that still approach life from a negative standpoint. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re looking for a relationship and trying all the normal routes, but still not finding anyone suitable. You can remain optimistic but at the same time have negative thoughts take over your life, especially if you’ve been looking for a long time.

Optimism is a great quality and something you should strive for, but it’s only one part of the equation of being a positive person.

Be Positive And Enjoy A Healthier Life

Positive, upbeat people are a joy to be around. They elevate everyone’s mood and create an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting.

Negative people never lift their chin off the ground and drag everyone else around them down to their level. They seem content in their pessimism and thrive on finding dark clouds on even the brightest day.

Positive people solve problems more quickly and effectively, are more gracious and accepting, and approach their life from a position of gratitude.

Negative people are lost in past relationships that didn’t go well, blame others for their mistakes and troubles, and are stuck in the same rut forever because they fear failure or embarrassment.

It’s your choice.

Which would you rather be?

That’s what I thought!

Now go out and make some lemonade!!

To Your Ever Increasing Health!


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