Wow! You did it!

Give yourself a pat on the back, because the first step in any journey, but particularly one as important as improving your health, is always the hardest.

As you can see, I’m pretty damned serious about this kicking this sugar thing. It’s time to give added, refined sugar the heave ho!

A Quick Story

Before I let you go and you tear into your FREE gift, I’d like to tell a quick story. It’s all about me, so it won’t take long…

A few years ago, my health was not so good. In fact, I was seriously headed on the wrong path. I was drinking way too much alcohol, and my diet was all screwed up as well.

It seemed as though one day I was young and carefree, loving life and doing everything I pleased, anytime I wanted to, and then the next day everything had changed drastically.

Can you relate?

A trip to the doctor for a routine physical really got my attention.

My doctor is a funny son of a bitch and he loves to tell jokes, and I always try to have one ready for him.

So I told him, “I went to donate blood last week, but I couldn’t do it.”

“Why,” he asked.

“Because there was a fried clam stuck in the needle!!”

Come on, that’s a knee slapper!

And all he did was smirk. Like, all business.

And then he gave me the news. Not devastating, mind you, but to me it was not what I wanted to hear.

Blood pressure, high.

Cholesterol, high.

Blood sugar, on the watch list.

Depression, setting in…

After we talked a while, he made some recommendations, and I left with a few prescriptions that I didn’t want, with his words echoing in my ears.

“Hey Teddy, this ain’t kindergarten anymore!”

An Action Plan

Based on his advice, I slowly began to change things.

First, I quit drinking. And for anyone who knows me, they can tell you what a monumental feat that was.

I didn’t just cut back, I quit altogether. Pretty radical, I know, but he really got me attention.

Next on the list was modifying my eat-everything-within-reach diet to be something more age-appropriate and responsible.

And boring, I know. But hear me out.

I guess it was long overdue.

And you know what?

I don’t even really miss all that crap anymore. All the fried foods and snacks that made up a good portion of my daily routine was slowly poisoning my body, and my health was suffering because of it.

So I cut most of that out as well. Don’t get me wrong, I still toss down a few French fries every now and then, but I made some serious changes, believe me.

And 3 years later, things are much better as result!

Sugar Be Damned!

Part of my problem was that I had a real sweet tooth. Any kind of sweets were very hard to pass up, and when you get done reading the first three chapters of my book you’ll understand a bit more why that’s such a huge problem for everyone these days.

You read that right…

It was such a big problem for me, in fact, that I had to seek help to break the sugar habit.

I could quit drinking cold turkey and never look back, and toss fast foods and French fries over my shoulder in favor of healthier items, but I could not break the sugar addiction.

So I decided to get some professional help. (People were recommending it for years, but I never knew what they meant.)

​Sugar Savior

Since I’m an Internet kind of guy, I did some hard core surfing, reading as much as I could about sugar addiction and how to break free.

And everything I tried pretty much failed.

Man, sugar is one tough mother!

I was determined, though, because I knew my health was at stake, and it doesn’t get more serious than that, friends and neighbors.

Just when I didn’t know where to turn, a sugar savior came into my life and really turned things around for me.

And I’d like you to meet her, because I’m determined to help as many people as I can with their sugar addiction.

So please meet Diane Sanfilippo, my sugar detox coach.

She’s the one responsible for breaking my sugar addiction, and if her methods worked for me then I know you can find success too.

Look, I wouldn’t be laying this on you if I wasn’t successful with her 21 Day Sugar Detox, but this is important, dammit, and none of us have time to bullshit around.

I’m sorry, but I’m passionate about this.

If you’re struggling to kick the sugar habit, I strongly suggest you try her program, because success sure does feel good!

Oh, I almost forgot!

Here’s your FREE gift, Kindle Book, Sugar Detox!

I hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

Thank you for reading my story.