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10 Shocking Sugar Facts

Processed sugar is pervasive within our culture these days. I created the graphic below to detail 10 shocking sugar facts that illustrate just how much it has invaded our lives. Share this Image On Your

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Weird Places Sugar Hides

Processed sugar hides in strange places We already know that processed sugar is the enemy, but what makes it so hard to give up?There are a couple of reasons why sugar is such a hard habit to kick.For

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How To Read Nutrition Labels

How To Read Nutrition Labels All right, I realize that just the title is enough to turn you off here, but bear with me because I promise this will get more exciting as we go along. And if we find that’s

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What Does Sugar Do To Your Body

What Does Sugar Do To Your Body? Americans have become obsessed with sugar. It seems that during the last 30 or so years we have edged upward in our sugar consumption.  Right now the average for an adult

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Hidden Sugar

Hidden Sugar I think almost everyone I know has a sweet tooth. Some folks are worse than others, but almost everyone can identify with needing a sugar fix from time to time. Mine isn’t too bad unless

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